Weight Loss Clinic in Sugarland For $40

Are you trying to lose weight in Sugar Land or Missouri city with little or no discernible results? Come and meet our well trained doctors, counselors, and trainers. You will be guided on the best way to lose weight in Sugar Land. We offer diet programs, exercise programs, calorie counts and medical guidance on your quest to shed off those extra pounds. We prescribe medications to help loose weight If you are already on diet, exercise and you are not achieving your goal to loose weight, come and see us Why do you need to Loose weight in Missouri City, Sugar Land and Sienna Plantation? Overweight and obesity are linked with the development of Hypertension, high lipid, type 2 diabetes,sleep problems (sleep apnea) and independently linked with heart attacks and death due to heart problems. Overweight and obesity is associated with poor quality of life and increased rate for hospital visits. Also, it is linked with debilitating arthritis and many medical illnesses, If you care about your health and you want to loose weight in Sugar Land and Missouri city, see us today. You are overweight if your body mass index is greater than 26 and Obese if your BMI is greater than 30, Any BMI greater than 40 is termed severe obesity. How do I know my BMI ?, try this BMI calculator If your BMI is greater than 28, come and see us at the Missouri city medical clinic where we will help you to loose those extra pounds and increase your quality of life , self esteem and satisfaction. Our doctors are familiar with your concerns and share your desire to improve your quality of life. We will encourage you on the needed exercise regimen, advise you on the approproate diet and provide you with useful facilities in Sugarland, Sienna plantation, Missouri City and Fort Bend county.We will also prescribe you the neccessary medications based on your effort and amount of weight you need to loose Our program costs only $40 to see the doctor. Hurry and come today, No appointment to see us .

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